alifeee's webring!

For the glory of the Indieweb!

What is a webring?

A webring is a little bit of HTML that a group of people put on their websites, which you can click through to navigate between the sites. It is a way of discovering content on the web without search engines, advertising, SEO, and all the things which have made the Internet a... more corporate place. Even the name "webring" is technically trademarked.

You can request to be added to this webring by following the instructions on the GitHub page. For more information on webrings see the Indieweb's page.

Below/right is a working example of this webring! In theory, every site on the right includes this somewhere so you can navigate through all of them using this webring.

This is an open source project, written as a web server in Go. See on GitHub.


This section will be a graph. I have lofty goals.

  • alifeee's website!!!
  • neilgaryallen's blog
  • Alex Adler - a project

Webring Example